ACIS Web - Secure Online Reporting
ACIS Web Secure Online Incident Reporting has been created to compliment the highly successful Active Crime Intelligence System (ACIS).

ACIS Web facilitates the easy and secure importation of incidents directly into ACIS and provides an easy and safe means of document distribution. It was important for us to provide a secure system which gives ACIS Administrators the confidence to safely import incidents, submitted by their members, directly into ACIS. It was equally important to provide a safe and secure system for Schemes to distribute photo albums, bulletins, news flashes etc.

Each ACIS terminal is specifically encrypted to pair with ACIS Web, preventing any other computer or ACIS from reading the data.

Whilst data retention within ACIS Web is minimal, all data at rest within ACIS Web is encrypted using AES 256 bit security in compliance with the National Institution for Standards and Technologies (NIST) requirements for government level data.

The Benefits of ACIS Web Secure Online Reporting:

  Safe and secure system for receiving data from user members;
Saves valuable time inputting;
Saves time distributing Offender Photographs, Bulletins etc.;
Saves on printing costs;
Provides a totally secure cost effective way of managing a Crime Reduction Scheme;
Watermarking of circulations helps to protect the document from miss-use.

ACIS Web can also be used by companies to gather crime data from their stores directly into an ACIS Database System located at the central head office.

This facilitates information analysis, reports, graphs and easy PowerPoint presentations etc.